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Neptune Systems Trident NP

Neptune Systems Trident NP



Automated Nitrate and Phosphate Testing is Here!


Imagine a world where manual nitrate and phosphate tests are no longer apart of your aquarium maintenance routine. Now you don't have to imagine! The Trident NP is the latest innovation from Neptune Systems, designed to automate Nitrate and Phosphate testing with precision and ease. Building on the trusted reputation of the original Trident, the Trident NP offers high-frequency testing to ensure optimal water quality in your aquarium. With seamless integration into the A2 and A3 Series Apex Controllers, the Trident NP brings consistent, automated measurement of nitrate and phosphate levels inside your aquarium so that you can make better decisions or even automate actions to maintain stability in your system.


What's Included?

Trident NP

1LINK Cable

Drip Tray


Note: Trident NP Reagent Kit is not included and is required for operation.

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