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Control X4 Pro Pack

Control X4 Pro Pack



The Ultimate Aquarium Monitoring and Control System


Master your aquarium automation with the HYDROS Control X4 Pro Pack featuring TWO control devices for the ultimate failsafe. The Control X4 allows you to connect up to four sensors and two probes, giving you the ability to monitor temperature, water level, pH, ORP, and more. The Control X4 also includes two Drive Ports for powering pumps and solenoids, and two Command Bus ports for connecting to and communicating with other HYDROS devices. The second included controller, the Control XP8, provides 8 120V AC outlets for powering and monitoring your aquarium's critical life support equipment. Both devices can send alerts and notifications and connect up to 8 WiFi devices for added modular control on additional equipment like lights, pumps, feeders, and more by simply adding a HYDROS WiFi Power Strip or HYDROS Smart Plug (both sold separately)



What's Included?

1x Control X4 Unit

1x XP8 Unit

1x Temperature Sensor

1x pH Probe w/ Calibration Solutions

1x 6ft Command Bus Cable w/ Two Terminators


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